Heather Crabtree, a longtime member of the Magnoliahouse client family, hired us to design and build her signature membership site, The Savvy Community. We started by crafting an identity for the Savvy sub-brand, based on the work we’d previously done with the Heather Crabtree parent brand, featuring custom hand-lettering, modern typography and a cleanly balanced color palette. Working closely with developer rockstar Megan Garwood, we designed and developed a fully featured membership site with robust social networking capabilities.

“Launching my website designed by Magnoliahouse Creative improved my business 10 times over. I loved working with them so much I hired them for two more big projects and I keep Irene and her team on a monthly retainer for graphics and smaller projects. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Heather Crabtree, The Savvy Community


  1. Delightful, playful sales page teases membership benefits and entices subscribers.
  2. Inside the membership site, robust social networking and custom member search features encourage collaboration and community.
  3. A wide variety of current and archived content provides a rich library for members, and is easy to maintain for HCHQ on the backend.