The Festive Frog Moodboard
The Festive Frog

Kendell and Jane of The Festive Frog are (self-proclaimed) “cool moms” with a killer eye for design and a seriously enviable collection of vintage tableware – not to mention their original designs. We worked with them to turn their previously trademarked brand icon into a full blown brand, all inspired by the ladies’ favorite apéritif – Campari, for a result that was modern and vibrant with a subtle nod to the vintage charm of their heirloom pieces.

“re: website
this is the coolest website in the history of ever! xoxoxoxoxox”


The Festive Frog Brand Board
Stationery Mockup - The Festive Frog

We put together a printed catalog, highlighting their full collection, more than 100 designs strong. Business cards with a double-herringbone spot gloss add glam and rack cards with a rotating cast of imagery highlight their pieces in styled settings. Oh, and that pattern behind the vendor announcement? Nothing less than a darling seamless frog pattern, created with original illustrations from their plate designer.

  1. The centerpiece of the website is a comprehensive catalog of their rental collection.
  2. Built using customized Squarespace Index blocks, it’s highly interactive and easy to update with new stock.
  3. Carefully curated imagery and spunky copy tell the rest of the story.