With a Brand Audit, we work with small business owners to elevate their brands & websites with a detailed evaluation and comprehensive action plan.

  1. Schedule your audit, choosing your preferred intensity - mild (I'm mostly happy with my brand, I just need a few pointers) or spicy (give me all you've got - I'm ready to make big changes).
  2. After you schedule your audit, you'll receive a short questionnaire about your business and your goals. In addition to telling us all about your dream clients, you'll also have a chance to upload any stationery or collateral pieces as well as any social media platforms you'd like us to review.
  3. We get to work, completing an extensive evaluation of your brand, website, collateral and social accounts, preparing a detailed report and comprehensive action plan. Our typical audits run 7-10 pages and contain 40-60 action steps ranging from quick fixes to high-level brand strategy.
  4. On the morning of our scheduled review call, we'll send you your completed audit PDF just in case you'd like to print it out for note taking.
  5. During our scheduled 60-minute review call we'll cover every area of your brand and website, talk through our recommended action steps and answer any questions you may have.

We open brand audit spots exclusively to those on our list at regular intervals.
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Brittany Griggs, Simply for Creatives

“Before working with Irene, I didn’t have a solid visual strategy plan for my online presence. In my brand audit, she walked me through the big picture and smaller details of my website and social media outlets. She showed me what changes I need to make to really polish my brand and speak directly to my target audience. She blew my mind with creating a consistent stragey across all platforms. It’s not just about looking great online, there’s so much strategy behind placement, wording, and spacing, that I never knew mattered. I now know exactly what I need to do to take my brand and visual presence to the next level.”

Alisha Johns, Lish Creative

“I thought I had a strong hold on my brand, but I needed a pro to break it open and find new opportunities for me to uplevel. I wanted to further differentiate myself while continuing to attract and retain big brand clients. Irene came in and gave me strong and actionable feedback to take my brand up a notch. She kept my style and audience in mind, and gave me so many opportunities to take and run with. As someone who has never worked with a professional designer, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she completely opened my eyes, and helped me to find solutions that were hiding out from me.”