35 Projects for Your In-House Graphic Designer


Irene Hardy

Irene Hardy is a graphic designer, brand stylist, citrus enthusiast and the owner of Magnoliahouse Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build graceful and exuberant brands that attract their dream clients. When she's not working, you might catch her with a cold glass of rose on the back porch, cheering for the Texas Longhorns or cooking something delicious from scratch.

Download your copy of The Smart Website Planner.

Download your copy of The Smart Website Planner.

Today, we’re celebrating the release of our new catalogs by taking a deeper dive into our new in-house design services. Brand styling and website design are and will continue to be the core of our business, but we’ve found that many of our clients need support after our initial projects are finished. And while most businesses have a need for the ongoing support graphic designer, hiring an in-house designer or creative department can be expensive, risky and serious overkill for the small and medium businesses we work with.

Enter our new In-House Design Subscription Services. Starting at $300/month (and with a fabulous option for unlimited services), we provide the same support, professional design and fast-turnaround you’d get with having a designer on your team, but without the expenses, commitment and hassle of hiring and management. To help you get an idea of how you can use your fabulous in-house designer, we’ve put together a list of 35 projects your designer can tackle with grace and exuberance!

1. Blog Post Graphics + Templates

You know you need on-brand, but perfectly pinnable graphics to accompany each post, but who has the time or design chops to create them every time. Give us a list of your upcoming posts, and we’ll put together all your blog images in advance. Not big on planning ahead? Just ask for a custom template that you can use each time.

2. Event Stationery

Need luxe invitations for an upcoming event? Your in-house designer can create a beautiful stationery suite for any of your – or your clients’ – upcoming events. Don’t forget about day-of paper goods, as well. We can craft beautiful menus, escort or place cards, programs, signage and anything else you can think of.

3. Email Marketing Setup

Have your designer set up your email marketing system for a powerfully on-brand experience. From the initial opt-in through every email you send, your designer can create custom templates for you to use in Mailchimp, AWeber, or any another email service.

4. Lead Magnets

Speaking of email marketing, you’ll need a designer to put together your email opt-in bribe or lead magnet. Whether it’s an ebook, workbook, PDF list, digital wallpaper, template or anything else you can dream of, your designer can put it together to truly showcase your brand and professionalism.

5. Curated Blog Posts

For wedding photographers and other event professionals, blogging recent events can be a major time-suck – plus it’s so tedious to go through your own work over and over again. We’ll take your complete gallery and put together perfectly curated blog posts for you to share with ease.

6. Welcome Packages or Guides

When you welcome a new client to your family, make a great first impression by providing a beautifully designed collection of helpful information and tools, along with a personal greeting or gift from you.

7. Social Media Posts + Templates

Ask your designer to create a series of images for you to share on social media – including inspirational quotes, announcements, blog posts and your recent work. We can also create a versatile template for you to use to create your own posts on demand.

8. Social Media Buttons

Are you still using the default social media buttons that came with your theme or plugin? Increase engagement and beautify your blog by having your designer create social media icons that are specific to your brand.

9. Blog Sidebar Widgets

Skip the default WordPress widgets and have your designer customize your blog sidebar using CSS styling. We can match your brand’s color palette, typography and style at the fraction of the cost of developing a new custom website.

10. Infographics

Have information you want to share with the world – or just hoping to make one of your pins go viral? Ask your in-house designer to put together a custom infographic that will appeal to your ideal customers and complement your brand.

11. Online Advertising

Banner ads and sponsored posts on social media can be expensive, so make sure you’re getting the most for your money by having your designer create your advertising campaign to your brand’s and the advertising platform’s exact specifications. This is a great option for Facebook ads, banner ads and Promoted Pins.

12. Social Media Branding

Are your social media profiles showing off your brand to its fullest potential? Ask your designer to craft Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus headers and profile pictures to promote a current special or enhance your overall brand.

13. Client Gifts

Thank your clients at the end of a project with a thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a mini-album, custom stationery, or a scented candle, your designer can help you add your own personal touch and branding to make an impact.

14. Mood Boards

Share your vision with your own clients by working with your in-house designer to create clean, professional and inspirational mood boards. This works especially well as part of a sales or pitch process, or during the event design process.

15. Media Kit

Entice potential advertisers and brand partners to spend money with your brand, blog or publication by working with your in-house designer to put together a media kit that will highlight the benefits of working with you. Or, ask your designer to put together a press resources kit for your product or service with information, product images and more to make it easier for media outlets to feature you.

16. Email Signature

Every email you send is a marketing opportunity – and has the potential to be forwarded to potential new clients, customers and partners. Make sure you’re making a fabulous first impression – and sharing your valuable contact information with a professionally designed email signature.

17. Business Stationery

When was the last time you updated your business cards, letterhead and other stationery? Are your current designs working for your brand? Work with a designer to update your stationery to your current brand, design luxe touchpoints and adapt current designs for new team members and needs.

18. Event Collateral

Work with your in-house designer to create or update flyers and other marketing collateral for upcoming live events – including speaking engagements, trade shows and event expos. In addition to rack cards and handouts, you may want to develop brochures, pricing guides, line sheets and wholesale catalogs.

19. Mailers

Celebrate holidays and special events with a custom greeting, or surprise your clients and customers with an unexpected piece of direct mail.

20. Album Design

Photographers: this one’s for you. Save time and improve your workflow by outsourcing your client’s wedding album design to your in-house designer. We can curate your galleries and design a stunning, professional album with quick turn time – allowing you to spend more time on the parts of your business you actually enjoy.

21. Packaging

Enhance your customer experience and nurture raving fans by working with a designer to develop custom packaging for your products. Whether it’s product packaging, shipping materials or accoutrements for client gifts, we can help craft a gorgeous system from the inside out.

22. Homepage Sliders

Promoting your latest sale, a recent accomplishment or a particular product? Work with your in-house graphic designer to create new sliders and images for your website homepage. You’ll get a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost and time investment of building a new site.

23. Ebooks

Selling downloadable ebooks, kindle books or other digital products? Your designer can take your content and turn it into a beautiful and professional product that will allow you to command a price premium.

24. Product Mockups

Take your ecommerce website or Etsy shop to the next level with professional product mockups. If professional photography is too expensive, will take to long, or is unrealistic for other reasons, ask your designer to put together photorealistic mockups of your products, whether they be art prints, stationery, gift or apparel items. As a bonus, using mocked-up images provides beautiful visual consistency and a professional touch to your shop.

25. Custom “Hero” or Overhead Desk Shots

The dirty secret of those stunningly beautiful, but oh-so-hard to recreate overhead or hero-style shots? Many of them are created in Photoshop from a compilation of images. Ask your designer to create a custom scene for your website or social media.

26. Slide / Pitch Deck

When pitching to potential investors, you’ll want a perfectly professional presentation to make a maximum impact. Work with your in-house designer to develop your content into a powerful and on-brand presentation for a big meeting, or ask us to develop a Powerpoint or Keynote template that you can use over and over again.

27. Document Templates

Present a professional and cohesive image by working with a graphic designer to style your contracts, intake forms, invoices, questionnaires and other important business documents.

28. Website Updates

Work with your graphic designer to fine-tune and update your website. As part of our in-house services, we can make text edits, update photos, add or remove pages, etc. For bonus points – ask your designer to design and upload a custom favicon (that cute little icon at the top of a tab in your browser).

29. Lookbooks + Catalogs

Show off your best work or current products lines in a lookbook or catalog. Lookbooks make great marketing pieces for high-end photographers, wedding planners and other event professionals. Bring them to your client consultations and wedding shows to make an impact – plus, they make fabulous coffee table books in your studio for visitors to peruse. For a product-based business, create a catalog for customers and wholesalers to show off your beautiful products – and share the important details.

30. Printables + Worksheets

Not only do they make great opt ins and client homework, but worksheets and other printable documents get lots of play on Pinterest and blog traffic. Your in-house designer can create a series of powerful, branded worksheets for you to distribute or sell.

31. Pricing Guide

Position yourself as a premium service provider by having a designer create a PDF pricing guide for your services. We’ll use your brand, and as appropriate, images of your past work to give your clients the context they need to understand your services. Post it on your website to avoid wasting time with price-shoppers, or send it over to potential clients via email when they request more information.

32. Swag Design

Need non-cheesy promotional items and other swag? Ask your graphic designer to create custom products for your events and promotions for maximum visibility.

33. Basic Photo Editing

While we’d never want or try to replace the editing services offered by a professional photographer, your in-house designer can help with basic photo editing, whether it’s touching up a non-professional image, removing backgrounds, changing colors or adding text.

34. Submarks for Your Brand

Enlist your in-house designer to create submarks and alternate logos for your spin-off brands and products. Whether you have a special product or signature service, as long as it’s under the umbrella of your existing brand, we can develop a custom logo to help promote and differentiate.

35. Calligraphy Digitization or Type Customization

Out-of-the-box fonts can disappoint, especially when it comes to certain letter combinations (hello, awkward intersecting swashes!), so ask your graphic designer to customize and enhance the typography for any important text. In addition, we’re happy to help you digitize calligraphy or other hand lettering into a vector form that we can use for a design, or send straight to the printers for you!

This list is just the beginning – feel free to request projects outside of this list. We’re happy to tackle new challenges, as long as it’s within the scope of our skills and expertise!

For more information about our In-House Design Subscriptions, take a look at our Rates & Services, or if you’re ready to get started, just give us a shout! At this time, we only have two available spots for in-house clients, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Friends, tell us in the comments. What do you wish you could offload to a professional graphic designer?



Irene Hardy

Irene Hardy is a graphic designer, brand stylist, citrus enthusiast and the owner of Magnoliahouse Creative. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build graceful and exuberant brands that attract their dream clients. When she's not working, you might catch her with a cold glass of rose on the back porch, cheering for the Texas Longhorns or cooking something delicious from scratch.

Download your copy of The Smart Website Planner.