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Using details + execution to enhance your client experience.

I get really excited about the dumbest stuff, y’all. So imagine my delight when I was watching Sunday night football, generally just trying to tune out Al Michaels, when I saw the coolest little detail. When a flag was thrown on the field, not only did the yellow box show up on the bottom of the screen, but the NBC Peacock turned yellow, too. So freaking cool. 

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Why every solopreneur should be using slack.

True story: Last week, I took a couple hours away from the office for a haircut and highlight. (I knew it was time when a girlfriend told me at The Savvy Experience that she LOVED my ombre. Thanks girl, but that’s just my roots growing in unchecked.) When I left the salon, I looked at my phone and had 46 notifications from Slack.

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