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Juice Bar Inspiration

It’s starting to heat up here in West Texas and we’re craving juicy refreshment in any form we can find it. Put on your favorite Lilly Pulitzer frock, call up your best girls and get busy squeezing. Champagne optional – but highly recommended! 😉 

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Happily Ever Squarespace

We’re so excited today to welcome you to our new internet home! While it may look like a minor visual refresh (since we LOVED the design and content of our old site), there’s a pretty profound change we’ve made here. 

Our Magnoliahouse online headquarters is now powered by Squarespace! 

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Your Guide to the Kentucky Derby

Derby weekend is upon us! While I have little to no interest in actually watching horses run, I never miss a good southern opportunity for a party. Here’s your guide to celebrating the Kentucky Derby in style!

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The 4 Social Media Apps We Can’t Live Without

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the gazillion apps available on the interwebs, so here at Magnoliahouse HQ, we like to keep things pretty simple. We have a strict policy that if it doesn’t make life easier, it’s out the door. To that end, we use exactly four apps to manage our social media on a daily basis.

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