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Pineapples + Palms

It’s summer, which means that my mind has taken up residence on a tropical island somewhere, while my body is firmly planted in front of an iMac. To celebrate the sunny skies, warm temperatures, and great excuses for cocktail sipping, today we’re taking a moment to celebrate two of our favorite trends that are currently enjoying their moment in the sun. Though they have a similar spirit, the traditions hail from opposite coasts: the pineapple has is a long standing symbol of Southern hospitality, while the Martinique print that inspires so many palm and banana-leaf versions made its debut at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel in the 1940s.

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The No-Coding Method for Enabling Rich Pins in WordPress

Last month on the blog, we shared how the improvements to our Pinterest strategy increased the number of referrals we received from the platform to our website by nearly ten times in May. Part of that action plan was the enabling of Rich Pins on Pinterest. As promised, today we’re sharing a quick and easy method for preparing the posts on your Wordpress website to provide additional detail on Pinterest

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What We’re Working On: Moodboard Previews

I’ve gone dark, darlings, in the last few weeks! But it’s not because we don’t love you – it’s because I’ve been dancing around my two hometowns – San Francisco and Austin – while working on a wonderful assortment of projects. Now that I’m back in the studio, we’re getting so, so excited to share these with you. In the meantime, some sneak peeks of our moodboards and inspiration will have to do! 

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