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Website + Email Resources | The Register

As promised, we’re starting our deep dive into the resources that Magnoliahouse runs on with an obvious target: website and email. As the core of any modern business, these workhorses are essential to maintain for your business to stay up and running

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How we increased our traffic from Pinterest by 993% in one month

Ok, I’ll admit it. In the first year of my business, I completely neglected Pinterest. Based on my early experiences with the platform, I pigeonholed Pinterest into a place for only DIY projects, wedding inspiration and over-processed recipes. And while I still used the platform personally, and for a select few business tasks (especially gathering inspiration for mood boards), I totally wrote it off as a source of traffic to our blog and website

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Ally Allison Events | Squarespace Website Reveal

Remember the beautiful brand behind Ally Allison Events? Today we’re excited to share with you the second phase of the project: her brand new website. As we shared earlier today, we’ve recently fallen in love with using Squarespace for our clients websites. Now, I’m thrilled to show you one of the ones we’ve so enjoyed developing this spring. Our screenshots don’t do it justice, so be sure to head over to to check out the site in all of its glory. 

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