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35 Projects for Your In-House Graphic Designer

Today, we’re celebrating the release of our new catalogs by taking a deeper dive into our new in-house design services. Brand styling and website design are and will continue to be the core of our business, but we’ve found that many of our clients need support after our initial projects are finished. And while most businesses have a need for the ongoing support graphic designer, hiring an in-house designer or creative department can be expensive, risky and serious overkill for the small and medium businesses we work with.

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My New Normal: A Day in the Life of a Creative Business Owner

A while back, I wrote a post called “The New Rules for Working at Home” that has quickly become one of our most popular and most-pinned posts of all time. Because of the wonderful response we received from that post, I thought it might be fun to share a little peek into my daily life – specifically, how I handle the delicate balance between work and home life.

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Daytona May Photography | Brand Reveal

Daytona Lamade is the photographer and creative genius behind the passionately authentic Daytona May Photography. Daytona enlisted us to craft a new brand identity that was equal parts organically ethereal and raw boho. The result? A deeply textured, rich identity including a brush watercolor logo and a custom Indian block print pattern. 

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An Instagram Strategy That’s Completely Authentic & Effective

Pop quiz: What’s Magnoliahouse’s favorite social media platform? Instagram, of course!

We’re completely obsessed with Instagram over here, and it boils down to two major reasons:(1) it’s gorgeous, and (2) it feels the most authentic to us, of all the major social platforms. Because there’s no way to mass schedule your posts (ahem, Twitter) and no post throttling or advertising required (ahem, Facebook), it’s possible to find real, passionate people engaged in discussions or simply gushing over something pretty, rather than a barren wasteland of scheduled and highly promotional posts

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What questions should you be asking your graphic designer?

A few weeks ago, I was chatting over email with one of the amazing ladies who participated in our Authentic Brand Challenge when she asked me a fantastic question:

Right now, I’m working with a branding specialist for the first time, but I don’t feel completely comfortable entrusting my brand new company to her. We’ve been emailing back and forth a while, and so I don’t just want to dump her and run. What are some questions I should ask her that might make it easier for me to connect with her and be completely confident before moving forward?

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Meyer Lemon | Inspiration

My love affair with Meyer lemons started at an early age. My momma didn’t do a lot of gardening, but she was unstoppable with her Meyer lemon trees – we always had a couple in old wine barrels on the back patio, and the master tree bursting with fruit in the front yard. While they’re referred to as a lemon, the dark yellow delicacy is actually a cross between a true lemon and an orange. It wasn’t until I became a little, ahem, older that I discovered how delicious the tangy sweet juice is in desserts, savory dishes and especially cocktails. 

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First Steps in Brand Styling

One of the questions we asked quite frequently is how to get started on the branding process before you’re ready to hire a designer. I absolutely love this question because a well-prepared client is a dream client for us – when you’ve discovered and developed the style that resonates with you and your ideal customers, we can embody that style in a brand that’s uniquely and authentically yours.

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Find your signature photo style in 6 simple tips! | Guest Post by Laura James

Y’all, I am seriously so excited about our guest today on the blog. Laura James is not only an amazing designer, but she is also a talented photographer – a skill I seriously lack and covet! She’s sharing with us some ways to get stand out imagery for her brand, but if you’re just starting with styled photography, I also highly recommend her post from February about getting started for less than $20.

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