Your Brand in Three Words by Taylor Bryant of Jubilant | Guest Post

I am beyond pumped to introduce you to today's guest poster: Taylor Bryant. Taylor is preparing to launch her new brand strategy firm, Jubilant - dedicated to creating brands worth celebrating. 


What’s your brand’s defining moment? Your mind may have jumped to hitting a sales goal, gaining a certain number of followers on Instagram, or landing your dream brand collaboration.

While these are all worthy goals, your brand’s defining moment should happen long before these dreams become a reality. Without brand definition, it’s impossible to even define what success looks like for your brand.

So why don’t you take a step in the right direction and treat yourself to five minutes of brand strategy bootcamp? All you’ll need is a notebook and a pen.

Your brand starts with three little words, and no, they aren’t “I love you”. To get to those three words, take some time to write everything you can about your brand. Write about the experience you want your customers to have. Doodle. Dream. Your paper should be filled with thoughts on who your brand is and who you would like it to become in the future.

Now take all of the energy you poured into the page and distill it into three words. It’s tough but necessary. Albert Einstein summed it up best when he said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

The time that you spend crafting three words is an investment in your brand, but you will only see returns when you allow those words to guide your branding decisions.

Consider your brand words each time you write a new piece of copy, design a graphic, or interact with a customer. If you want extra credit, look at your website and marketing through the lens of your three brand words. Then make edits as necessary

This consistency will keep your dream clients, the ones who resonate with your brand’s three words, coming. And they’ll want to tell their friends! I promise the extra effort is worth it. Your brand is worth celebrating, but you need to treat it as such before others will.