Phase 4: Supporting Pieces

Phase 4: Supporting Pieces

Through the first half of this week, we’ve discussed the delicious process of defining and styling your logo and your brand. Now it’s time to put those pieces to work by creating the supporting touchpoints that will actually reach your clients’s hands and eyes.

The way we handle our supporting pieces and print collateral is one of the biggest changes we’re making for 2016, and it’s definitely the area I’m most excited about. Instead standardizing our stationery and collateral deliverables for each client, we’re now giving you the option to choose the pieces that are most valuable for you and your business.

You’ll can select four items from the following list, but we’re always up for a custom suggestions:

  • Business card, letterhead and envelope design
  • Thank you card, envelope and stamp or sticker design
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile styling (profile and cover images, as applicable)
  • Lookbook or pricing guide
  • Proposal template
  • Welcome packet or magazine
  • Email newsletter lead magnet or ebook
  • Client gift or custom art print
  • Packaging for product or client gift

What you need will ultimately be determined by the way your business is structured, but I thought we’d leave you with a few timeless ideas.

First up, Tiffany Young’s gorgeous, bold and modern stationery suite. Doesn’t this just make you want to pull out your favorite pen and write a sweet note?


Want to show off your photography or other work at a client meeting or show? An extended lookbook like the amazing Becca Lea Photography’s will do the trick!


Tired of gumming up your website pages with pricing and package information? We’ll put together a pricing guide that will sell your services in style.


I truly believe that the success of your brand is in the details. Just this afternoon, as I was chatting with a sweet client, I came to this realization: The easiest way to elevate your brand is through carefully designed supporting materials. A gorgeous logo is a great start, but to way to truly become a luxury brand is through your execution in all areas - including your print and online touchpoints.

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Phase 5: The Website + Bonus Periscope!

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