Phase 1: Core Discovery + Moodboard // Now Booking 2016 Projects!

Phase 1: Core Discovery + Moodboard // Now Booking 2016 Projects!

Have you missed us? We've been using this time to love on our clients, as well as to take a deep dive into our current branding process and make some intentional changes to our process so that we can serve you in the best way possible.

I’m thrilled to announce that we are officially accepting brand + web projects for 2016.

Over the last year, we’ve observed that our clients see the biggest results in their businesses when they commit to a full rebrand and website redesign, so we’re giving priority to those projects during this next season. As of right now, we’re only opening booking for our Signature Suite, which includes a Squarespace or Wordpress website. If space allows, we will open to a few smaller projects closer to the end of the year. 

We’ve also decided to scale back the number of clients we work with at any one time so that we can really pour all of our love and attention into each project. As a result, we are only taking six branding projects for a January start date. We are already booking these spots, so please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in getting a project scheduled.

This week on the blog, we’re going to be walking you through each step of that signature process - from our tried and true design methods to the new elements we think you’ll be obsessed with. First up? Our newly redesigned Core Discovery Process

Phase 1: Core Discovery

One of the largest areas of change is going to be how we start off our branding projects. While we'll officially beginning the first week of January, the important work will actually begin December 1. We've completely revamped and rethought the way we're doing client homework - and are finishing up an interactive workbook that will be a delight to work through - and help you achieve laser focused brand clarity. Instead of open ended questions that feel like a homework assignment, we're introducing a series of interactive exercises that free up the work and let you focus your energy on defining your core - NOT trying to remember everything you want to say in one long answer. The branding process should feel like a day at the spa - not a return to high school or a job interview.

We'll also be adding a one hour kickoff meeting to talk through all aspects of your business and map out all the areas we need to touch. There are some technical decisions that need to be made here - but we'll walk you through all the choices and answer any questions you have along the way.

Once we’ve taken a deep dive into your business, we’re ready to being with our first visual step: the Moodboard. If you’ve ever chatted with me about our process, you’ll know that I emphatically believe this is the most important step.

It’s our first opportunity to really define how your brand should make you (and your clients) feel. As much fun as we have in the discovery phase, we’ve learned that you can only describe style so much in words.

Want proof? Here’s the challenge I’ll issue to you: Find photos that represent, to you, the styles modern, vintage & luxurious. Now ask three friends to do the same. You’ll find that the four of you have come up with four different definitions for each of these words. Pausing to create a visual representation of your new brand style in the moodboard helps us avoid this confusion and capture the specific spirit of your new brand.

For some of our favorite moodboards of the summer and fall, be sure to check out this post, as well as our updated portfolio!

Friends, it's your turn now. How do you want your brand to feel? Bonus points if you can tell us in the comments without using the words modern, vintage or luxurious. I'll see you back here tomorrow to discuss the sexiest phase in our process - Logo Design!

Phase 2: Logo Design

Phase 2: Logo Design

Real Talk: How I made it through the busiest summer of my business (and life).

Real Talk: How I made it through the busiest summer of my business (and life).