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We'll thrilled to share more authentic stories of makers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are building and living their brands every single day. Today, we're going behind the scenes with the two spectacular sisters behind The Morgan Magazine, which launches this weekend! 



Tell us your story: when, why and how did your business get started?

Amanda: Ever since I was a little girl, in the 4th grade to be exact, I wanted to own and run my own magazine. I will never forget, it was a class assignment to write an essay to tell your story, about your parents, siblings and what you do outside of school. SO, my mom, who helped me with all my projects, helped me because I came up with the bright idea to put my essay in the form of a magazine. I had so much fun doing that project, it was then that I decided I want to have my own magazine when I grow up.

Fatiah: When I was a teen I became one of Teen Vogues IT Girls, in taking part in that I knew one day that I wanted to be an Editor of a Publication. Shortly after I became an intern at different Fashion Brands and soon after a Celeb Stylist which fell into Creative Directing, in hopes that one day I will earn the title of an Editor in Chief of a publication if I work hard enough. In working with other publications it kind of pushed me to want to make that dream a reality sooner. I became annoyed and nearly fed up with how some publications functioned also I hated how they treated me

I wanted to kind of show people that I was ready to take on that title even if I give it to myself.

Fatiah: I walked inside from a shoot with a Publication I worked so hard for, let's not forget to mention it was a favor to help them grow which means I was not being paid. They totally threw me under the bus and left me out to dry almost making me look beyond unprofessional. That for me was the last straw I am known for being great at what I do as a Stylist I couldn't allow this to be something that would happen again so I walked in pissed telling my mom how I want to start my own publication, ranting on and on about how I keep making others great and not doing more for myself.

Amanda: It just so happen that, I walked in making my big announcement on how the doors are officially closed on a business I ran for the past 8 years. I was ready to embark upon a new journey, and that is when it dawned on me my dream of running a publication for all these years, and now it was finally time. I knew with the right people by my side this could work. As I was ranting on and on, my mother rudely cut me off to tell me, that my sister and I will do this together, yes! she said we will, it was not a question but a command. So it was then, April of 2014 that Fatiah and I brainstormed all night about the name, the content, the team etc.

Tell us about your business today.

Well The Morgan Magazine, has put together an amazing, and dynamic team of professionals. We have all put our minds and resources together to create Issue#1. The Morgan Magazines first issue is almost more than we have dreamt of. We are set to launch September 20th at 40/40 Club in NYC. We already have taken part in other businesses overseas making sure to spread the brand as far as possible. Things have taken off and we can say that this is just the beginning.

What’s at the core of your brand?

At the core of The Morgan is creativity and self expression, individuals must know the importance in self expression, it is not only a need it is a must.

The core qualities of The Morgan is, Self Expression and Individuality. Our mission and vision is not only to be a successful publication, but to communicate artistry and individuality to our peers to be a living testimony that age does not define when to begin something new. The Morgan Magazine values Human Rights and people not being defined by age. We also as young woman are active supporters of Girl Scouts, we do not consider ourselves as role models but a living testament of being true to who you are. Also that you do not have to be a product of where you are from.

How do you expect your brand to grow and evolve? How do you stay true to your original core?

We expect our brand to grow and evolve because we as a team always project forward, we constantly think of what is next after the next. Not only will we give our audience what they crave but we feel compared to our competitors we are a little out of the box. Honestly, the core of our brand is who we are as individuals making it that much easier to stay true.

What are the biggest challenges you’re facing in your business and as a brand?

The biggest challenge we face in our business is that we are two people who run and own the same brand, two people equals different minds which at times do not agree. Not to mention that we are also sisters! Yet that challenge is what makes us great. Because two minds are always better than one.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur?

Start NOW!

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