5 Key Ingredients for a Perfect Email Signature

5 Key Ingredients for a Perfect Email Signature

When is the last time someone asked you for your business card?

Okay, hold on to that answer (if you can even remember.)

Now, when is the last time you sent an email?

Here at Magnoliahouse HQ, we’ve spent hours crafting beautiful business cards for our clients, hundreds of dollars printing them (hello, gold foil!). Then…they tend to end up in a desk drawer while we do all of our communicating over the Internet. What’s a girl to do?

Here’s where your email signature comes in. At the bottom of every email you send is free, wide-open space to reinforce your brand, connect with your lucky recipients, and direct traffic to your digital hot spots. But there’s a right way – and a wrong way – to make the most of this prime real estate.


Don’t use an image!

While an image may seem more professional because you can go to town with the design, there are a few problems that may make you consider plain text. Content-wise, it’s impossible to copy and paste text from an image or create multiple links. Then there are the quality and resolution issues that can leave your email signature looking like amateur hour. Not ideal! As an extra incentive to make the switch to real text, some mail clients block imagery from loading automatically. So, your beautifully designed image may not even show up.

P.S. For bonus points, use embedded SVGs instead of images for your social media icons!


Use embedded (not attached) images.

Okay, if you have to use an image because your logo or brand mark is simply that stunning, let’s do it right. While it may seem obvious to just attach an image file with your logo or brand mark, doing so will actually make a big ol’ mess for everyone involved. Think confusing attachments, big file sizes, and deliverability issues. No, thank you! Instead, just embed the image using an HTML tag so that the image is hosted remotely. Sounds a little jargon-y, but it’s super easy.


Link to your best social platform.

If someone is welcoming your messages into their inbox, they are obviously interested in getting to know you. So make it easy for them to do so! Add a link to your favorite social media platform or two and let them know where they’re headed. Bonus tip: pick your favorite one or two platforms or rotate them in and out to avoid overwhelm and decision fatigue. Keep things exciting!


Include your email. For real.

This one may seem a little redundant. I mean, if someone is getting an email from you, shouldn’t they know your email address? Hellooooo. However, with varying formats between email programs and applications, this vital information doesn’t always get saved in the header. That’s why we advise erring on the side of caution and including your address to help out recipients who may have been forwarded or cc’d on your message.


Keep it short

PSA: This is an email signature - NOT a resume. Let’s all take it down a notch. Take our advice on this and use this opportunity to subtly, gracefully reinforce your brand. Cut the testimonials, press links and other nonsense from your signature. Keep it simple, friend.

And that’s it!


Are you all fired up to go revamp your signature? Or are you already using your email signature as a digital business card? If you have a pressing Q or want to add your own tips to this list, let us know in the comments!

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