How I Launched The Magnoliahouse Shop while Still Handling A Full Client Workload

Month after month for the last two years, I’ve added the same goal to my monthly goal setting pages in Powersheets: Start Template Shop Project. And for 20 of those 24 months, nothing happened. Instead, other things became more important in the moment, and I let the baby step of simply starting slip into the next month, and then the next.

Until January, that is.

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Introducing The Magnoliahouse Shop

If you’ve been around here a while, you know we’ve been hinting at something MAJOR for a couple months now - and I’m so excited that we’re finally ready to share it with y’all today!

On Tuesday, we’re launching the newest baby in the Magnoliahouse family - The Magnoliahouse Shop. We’ve built this for you, the creative entrepreneur, to bring great design right where you are in your business. We’re turning the custom design process on its head and making it fast, fresh and (most importantly, of course) fun.

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3 Tiny Ways to Increase Conversions on your Website

I've got three tiny tweaks you can make to increase the conversion rate on your website. I know that we’re all focused on getting more and more traffic to our websites in an effort to grow our businesses, but what are you doing with that traffic to increase the bottom line of your business? Today, I’m going to talk you to three super easy ways to increase the conversion rates on your website without a pricey redesign.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Brand

Y’all, the first day of spring was this week, and we all know what that means - Spring Cleaning! Time to clean out our closets, clean out our houses and clean Trader Joe’s fresh out of rosé. But there’s one kind of cleaning we can’t forget - and that’s a little bit of spring cleaning for your digital brand. Today, I’m going to walk you through five dusty, forgotten corners of your online presence that could use a little sunshine and Method grapefruit spray cleaner as we say goodbye to winter!

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Why running a business without debt is the absolute best

The last job I worked before starting my business was in the marketing department at a large corporation, and it involved running a considerable quantity of marketing analytics. I’m talking those kinds of Excel spreadsheets - the ones with hundreds of thousands of rows and numerous pivot tables, and a company intranet that required tons of maintenance and records updates.

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Juice Bar Inspiration

It's starting to heat up here in West Texas and we're craving juicy refreshment in any form we can find it. Put on your favorite Lilly Pulitzer frock, call up your best girls and get busy squeezing. Champagne optional - but highly recommended! ;) 

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Happily Ever Squarespace

We're so excited today to welcome you to our new internet home! While it may look like a minor visual refresh (since we LOVED the design and content of our old site), there's a pretty profound change we've made here. 

Our Magnoliahouse online headquarters is now powered by Squarespace! 

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